Company profile

The excellent skipper Tupaia was one of the most famous navigators in history. Without him, James Cook and the Endeavor would never have found the way to New Zealand and Indonesia. Only the exceptional capabilities of this Polynesian made it possible for Cook to discover the Easter Islands and to map the South Seas.

The Tupaia Investments GmbH sees itself in the tradition of this famous navigator. We always stand for experience and know-how and lead you and your company to the unerring success. We provide the necessary tools to navigate and single-minded entrepreneurs to promising markets and positive results.

This can trust Tupaia Investments GmbH on their experience acquired over many years. So we see our core competencies in particular the investments in technology-and service-oriented startups, as well as in the optimization and building international distribution channels for small and medium-sized technology companies. In addition we offer qualified support for the development and implementation of policies for the interim and bridge financing.