Founding and Expansion of IT Companies in Central Europe

Success on a market depends on many different and complex factors, especially when it comes to an expansion to a foreign market. In this case companies are typically faced with the challenge to consider the special conditions of the target market.

Experts from the Tupaia Investment GmbH exactly know what is required for founding and expansion of a company in the European market and are helping with planning and preparation:

  • Identifying and providing of possible locations (economic analysis for suitability of production and distribution)
  • Help and support with all legal requirements of the founding, relocation or restructuring of companies
  • Recruiting and selection of contacts for business contacts (fairs, conferences, multipliers, etc.)
  • Providing of legal persons („Rent a legal entity“) for founding of special corporations for handling of "special purpose" projects
  • Development of distribution infrastructure, telemarketing etc.
  • Creation and implementation of strategies to attract partners
  • Legally and formally adjustment of corporate materials for the German market